We mass produce of special barcodes used in, UPP-110S, UPP-110HD, UPP-110HG, UPP-210HD black and white ultrasound printer paper used in obstetrics, radiology departments and different areas in hospitals and imaging centers, and also in patient barcodes, double pergamin barcodes in purchasing warehouses, barcodes on blood tubes.

We produce thermal papers for ECG, EEG, NST, and laboratory devices used for all kinds of recording and result purposes in the health sector.

You can print your health values ​​with medical papers used in many different medical devices. It is used in EKG, NST and EKO devices. The ECG device, which stands for electrocardiography, allows the electrical activities that occur in the heart to be recorded. NST stands for Nonstress Test and examines and records the compatibility of the baby’s heartbeat and general movements. Echo, which stands for echocardiography, is a device that depicts the waves returning from the heart by sending sound waves far above the sound level that the human ear can hear.